Liebesgeschichten und Trennungssachen

Emmerich Baliko aus Oberwart, Burgenland
Gemälde von Emmerich Baliko - Tusche und Farbpigmente auf Holzplatte - Größe 70 x 100 cm


I Will Love Again

Did I ever tell you how you live in me?

Every waking moment, even in my dreams

And if all this talk is crazy

And you don't know what I mean

Does it really matter just as long as I believe?


I will love again

Though my heart is breaking I will love again

Stronger than before, I will love again

Even if it takes a lifetime to get over you

Heaven only knows, I will love again



If I'm true to myself

Nobody else can take the place of you

But I've got to move on

Tell me what else can I do?


I will love again …

I will love again

One day I know, I will love again

You can't stop me from loving again

Breathing again, feeling again

I know, one day, I'll love again


Song by Lara Fabian